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Patinas for Silicon Bronze by Patrick V. Kipper

Patinas for Silicon Bronze, by Patrick Kipper

Now in its THIRD EDITION, Patinas for Silicon bronze is the award winning, comprehensive guide to the fascinating and secretive art known as patination.

This book was originally written to introduce the individual to the fascinating and secretive art of bronze coloration known as patination or patinas, to hopefully extend the palettes of fellow patineurs, to provide insight and appreciation for this most versatile of all the fine art forms, and to give guidelines to the novice art student who may be dabbling in bronze patinas.

This ancient art of metal enhancement by the use of color is found throughout most cultures of the world. Almost infinite in application techniques, patinas using rich deep tones have the ability to give the look of age, or antiquity, to a bronze sculpture. They’re also capable of making the bronze surface appear as other mediums, such as marble, granite, wood, and leather.

Seventy-two hot application recipes and step-by-step instructions for patinas on silicon bronze are presented, along with corresponding color plates. Photographs of finished bronze sculpture are also shown, to give the reader a visual idea of how some of these patinas appear on three dimensional surfaces. A few examples of cold patina recipes are noted in order to give the reader a well-rounded exposure to both schools of patination. The history of patination is discussed as well as a comparison of bronze alloys, metal surface preparation, and tradition and contemporary application techniques. Patinas on a monumental scale and the problems associated with bronze exposed to the elements are also described at length.

This book has become the Bible of Bronze Patinas for me and many others”….Debbie Bakel---Master Patineur

Available through these retailers:
www.SculptureDepot.net 1-800-260-4690

(for wholesale or bulk rates please contact Patrick Kipper)


The Care of Bronze Sculpture by Patrick V. KipperThe Care of Bronze Sculpture, by Patrick Kipper

Now in it’s FOURTH EDITION, The Care of Bronze Sculpture was originally written for the collector of fine art cast and/or fabricated in bronze, in hopes of giving a better understanding of the care and maintenance of bronze statuary placed indoors as well as out doors. Unlike paintings, bronze sculpture is quite easy and in many cases inexpensive to maintain. By initiating a regular maintenance program, especially on outdoor bronzes, the collector is not only preserving bronze art treasures in our lifetime, but also for generations to come.

This book explains what bronze is composed of and why this easily oxidized metal and its intended patinas need protection from the atmosphere, lest color changes occur, leading to further possible surface damage.

Tools needed for the preservation of bronze sculpture are discussed at length, as well as easy step-by-step instructions for the cleaning and preserving of these bronze treasures. Recommended maintenance programs are given for both indoor and outdoor bronze statuary. The author also describes common problems associated with the placement of bronze sculpture in various atmospheres, and how to avoid potentially harmful settings. Although this book is geared toward the maintenance of new bronze artwork cast within the last 30 years, there is also information concerning the “ifs” and “whens” of maintaining the surfaces of antique bronzes. The handling of ancient bronze artifacts is also explained as well as the most desirable placement for their protection.

The new fourth edition added chapter 5, which covers Art in Public Places. The problems associated with bronze displayed in these public places far out number those associated with private collections. Since most civic organizations that own bronze sculpture have very little if any idea of how to maintain their metal treasures, this chapter has been added in order to eliminate questions and to recommend guidelines to conserve such artwork for years to come. The recommendations in this chapter are based upon and structured according to the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice set forth by the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), as well as the author’s personal experiences dealing with conservation issues involving public art in many cities both nationally and internationally.

Finally! ... a clear and comprehensive coverage of this very important subject by one of its foremost practitioners. I'll be sharing it with my galleries and collectors.” ....Rosetta---Sculptor

Available through these retailers:
www.SculptureDepot.net 1-800-260-4690

(for wholesale or bulk rates please contact Patrick Kipper)

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