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About Patrick Kipper


Patrick Kipper
PO Box 5, Loveland, CO 80539 USA
970-663-3363 - pkpatina@aol.com

In the mid 1970’s Patrick began his art career running a small stained glass studio in order to supplement his income while teaching at small colleges in Colorado. He had always had a passion for color and soon realized his work in the art studio was more fulfilling and profitable than his time in the class room, so he decided to dedicate all of his time working in his glass studio.

With an increasingly sluggish economy, Patrick found himself needing to supplement his income, so with recommendations from friends, took on a job at Art Castings of Colorado, which was then a very small art foundry with only a hand full of employees in Loveland, Colorado.

At that time, working at a small developing art foundry required working in all stages of the casting process, everything from pouring waxes to packing the finished product for shipping.

As time passed, the various stages of the casting process became more departmentalized and, as a result of his background in working with color and chemistry from the glass studio, Patrick was placed in the patina department to apprentice under master patineur, Mary Zimmerman, wife of then owner of Art Castings, Robert Zimmerman, one of the leading metallurgists in the country.

Within a short period of time, Mary began developing the monumental department, leaving Patrick in charge of developing and executing many patina processes that are still used throughout the United States today.

Patrick Kipper

Also during this time, many individual art collectors, corporations, and government organizations were beginning to contact Art Castings of Colorado for conservation work in the areas of cleaning and repairing many older and neglected bronze sculptures within their art collections.

There weren’t many avenues of information dealing with the conservation and/or restoration of such art work in those years so, with the metallurgical knowledge of foundry owner Robert Zimmerman, as well as many hours of research in museum libraries and consulting with their various fine arts conservators, Patrick developed the knowledge and skills necessary to conserve and protect older bronzes, while at the same time producing and maintaining the continuous flow of patinas on new bronze castings for the foundry’s existing clientele.

After many years as master patineur for Art Castings, Patrick was asked to fill the position as head of quality control and later as production manager of the entire foundry. Over the years, Patrick found himself continuing to work in the patina room from time to time and realized that the art of patination was his true passion.

As with many successful small businesses, Art Castings of Colorado found itself growing by leaps and bounds and along with which came the added stress and anxiety. So, for health reasons, Patrick left Art Castings Glenna Goodacre and Patrick Kipperand with the encouragement of artists and friends such as Glenna Goodacre, Hollis Williford, and Fritz White, opened his own independent patina and conservation studio in Loveland.

After many years of continuous hard work, Patrick was able to travel and learn various patina techniques from numerous master patineurs and cultures around the world, while at the same time apprenticing under some of the leading fine arts conservators such as mentor and good friend, Nikolas Veloz.

During his long career as fine arts patineur and conservator specializing in bronze and it’s various alloys, Patrick once again found himself teaching, but this time instructing workshops coast to coast in bronze patination and basic conservation.

With so many requests for more information from students, foundries, museums, and galleries, Patrick authored two award winning books: “Patinas for Silicon Bronze” and “The Care of Bronze Sculpture”, both which are international best selling “how to” art publications.

With over 40 years in the field of bronze patination and science of fine art conservation, Patrick has developed one of the largest patina palettes known while, at the same time, producing and executing many new as well as traditional conservation techniques on fine art cast and/or fabricated in bronze.

Patrick is also a Professional Associate of the prestigious American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) located in Washington DC, as well as a member of the National Sculpture Society (NSS), based in New York.

One of the most repeated questions asked of Patrick is: “Why do you share your knowledge with others on such secretive and classified subjects such as bronze patination and conservation?”

Patrick usually responds: “I feel lucky to be able to have compiled such a pool of knowledge and therefore feel obligated to share and assist others who may find themselves on the same path and hopefully, by doing so, reducing many of the pitfalls and frustrations that I and others have experienced in the art of bronze patination and science of art conservation.”

Patrick Kipper