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Patrick Kipper's Patina Workshops


Pat working on a Botero Patrick Kipper will no longer be presenting annual patina workshops in his Loveland, Colorado home-studio.

But do not despair - Patrick Kipper will still present his popular patina workshops, now only on location, by request for such organizations as art foundries and schools.

Please direct all inquiries regarding Patrick Kipper's Patina Workshops here.

Patrick Kipper Patina Workshops

Patrick Kipper's Patina workshops are one of the best places to watch and learn about the patina process first hand.

Pat working on a Botero

For those of you who are not familiar with Patrick’s workshops, they are always “demonstration” rather than “hands on” because of insurance purposes. Can you imagine what the insurance company would say if there were 30 people with torches handling hazardous materials all in one room at the same time? This is why Patrick can only give demonstration workshops, but the great news is that he will be able to show you much, much more in the realm of patinas both old and new.

Patrick’s patina workshops have always been favorites with foundry personnel as well as with artists. Foundry personnel get to see different techniques, as well as receive information on various avenues for purchasing supplies and equipment.

Artists love these workshops because they get to see new ideas for their artwork, or why something might not be working as well as hoped on older patinas or bronzes.

Perhaps the best thing about these workshops is the sense of community: being able to meet new people and see old friends once again!

Not Just Patina - Art Metal Conservation & Maintenance, Too

Conservation and maintenance issues are also discussed in great detail during the patina workshop.

The rest is up to Patrick. Feel free to take notes and ask questions. Dress comfortably of course, like you would when going to your foundry.

Patrick’s workshops truly are a lot of fun, drawing people from as far away as Japan, South Africa, Australia, England, Mexico, Canada and of course from coast to coast in the US.

patina tiles

These workshops are for beginners as well as advanced students, helping not only those who are not much more familiar to the patina process than how to spell the word, but also those looking to improve their craft with nuggets of information such as how to keep cupric nitrate patinas from developing those devilish little red patches ...

Request A Patina Workshop

Please direct your inquiries regarding Patrick Kipper's Patina Workshops here.